Interlink Telecommunication Corporation

IT and Telecommunication development



entech_slider_02Interlink Telecommunications of Corporate is an experienced Mobile technology leader with combination of technical, business, and professional skills. It has obtained over 20 years of broad history of experience in the communication networks and system development. Geographically ITC  has successfully delivered Mobile technology projects in the US, Asia, and Africa.

ITC provides consulting and guidance in the Mobile world, wired and wireless broadband industry from carrier perspective standards to an ISP perspective yet enhances engineering development and performance optimization. It transforms complex Mobile engineering solutions for business opportunities while building Core enterprise infrastructure, mainly focusing on moving everything into cloud, digital aggregation and system integration.

 Crucial Projects

  • Lead and direct cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget, and scope.
  • Demonstrate sufficient knowledge experience and apply to projects that have reasonably well-defined requirements and deliverable’s.
  • We engage our clients at all levels from the technical and operations staff, to the strategy and management.
  • ITC increases the probability and impact of positive events while decreases the impact of negative events in the project